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Boston Therapeutics and Prevail InfoWorks Announce Strategic Clinical Partnership

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Prevail Partners Investing up to $500,000 in Boston Therapeutics

LAWRENCE, Mass., Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boston Therapeutics Inc. (the “Company” or “BTI”) (OTCQB:BTHE), an innovator in the design, development and commercialization of carbohydrate based therapeutics and prevention options for metabolism and sugar control, signed an agreement to collaborate with Prevail InfoWorks Single Interface® Integrated Analytics Platform. This advanced data system is intended to be employed in BTI’s recently initiated exploratory and adaptive multicenter clinical study of BTI320 in type 2 diabetes patients.  This platform we believe will provide Boston Therapeutics with considerable value by cost effectively achieving the highest quality data and outcomes assessment in the shortest possible time frame. Prevail Partners, an investment fund, may allocate an investment of up to $500,000 by a stock purchases at a 25% premium to market price as part of the pending additional contracts for services.

Carl W. Rausch, CEO; notes: “It is a mitigation of risk and great support of outcome clarity that is a strength of the Prevail InfoWorks technology services. This industry leading analytics driven process and data management company is precisely what is needed to drive an efficient and effective regulatory pathway to FDA approval.”  Mary Schaheen, President of Prevail Partners, stated that “Everyone here is confident in the growth and success of Boston Therapeutics as they develop BTI320. Furthermore, Boston Therapeutics has a seasoned management team with the expertise to accelerate to a significant value inflection point through the completion of its planned clinical trials.” This strategic partnership is built upon important analytics of the new CGM technology.  Prevail InfoWorks offers cost-competitive services for which Boston Therapeutics will find a significant value-add in terms of unique capabilities, and Prevail Partners participates as the company achieves product development milestones.

About Boston Therapeutics
Boston Therapeutics (, headquartered in Lawrence, MA (OTCQB:BTHE) and with an office in Albuquerque, NM is an innovator in design, development and commercialization of compounds to manage diabetes and diabetes related complications. Boston Therapeutics is also partnered with Sugardown Company Ltd. in Hong Kong, China and with kathy ireland Health and Wellness for the commercialization of its dietary supplement SUGARDOWN®.

About BTI320 (Investigative material)
BTI320 is a non-systemic, non-toxic, chewable investigative candidate for prevention or delay of diabetes. A first line of defense for the reversal of prediabetes, BTI320 inhibits the enzymes that release glucose from complex carbohydrate in foods during digestion, reducing the amount of available glucose absorbed through the intestine. BTI320 is a safe and effective investigative material for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes in their daily management of blood glucose levels.

About Prevail Partners LLC
Prevail Partners ( is an investment fund focused on life sciences companies. The fund is designed to take advantage of the attractive returns possible in promising scientific advances in the life science fields of therapeutics, preventive treatments, medical devices and diagnostics. A uniquely favorable feature of the fund is that Prevail InfoWorks applies proprietary technologies and services to equip companies in which the fund invests, giving investors and strategic licensing partners the comfort that the clinical trials have a higher likelihood of success.  

About Prevail InfoWorks, Inc.
For over a decade, Prevail InfoWorks ( has been dedicated to providing biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies with the most innovative and complete technology and service solutions for their clinical development. The company delivers unique products and services that accelerate and de-risk drug development and clinical regulatory process more rapidly and cost effectively, including through real-time actionable intelligence of evolving topline trends and metrics to patient specific data derived from aggregating all clinical, diagnostic, operational and project accounting data.  Prevail InfoWorks is an affiliate of Prevail Partners LLC.

Forward Looking Statement
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